While growing up, Steve’s philosophy on life was, “It is about the accumulation of stories.” For many years, this belief pushed him to see and experience new cultures and uproot his life on a semi-regular basis with long-stints in places as varied as Minnesota, Venezuela, Washington, Chile, Texas, and Guatemala.  As Steve grew, so did his personal philosophy.  

His experience in rural Guatemala as a Peace Corps Volunteer created the foundation for his passion for people.  Despite the daily challenges he saw facing the poor; Steve was inspired by their resiliency. 

Hindsight, it would appear that all of Steve’s previous experiences were leading him to his life’s purpose.  When in 2006, he was hired to become part of Whole Planet Foundation.  It was a new organization dedicated to combing business principals with compassion to create new opportunities for the poor through microcredit.  Since then, Steve has poured himself into his work and has happily accepted every assignment presented to him.  Along the way, he has had the opportunity to visit more than 40 countries and has lived for extended periods of time in Central America and Southeast Asia.

Steve now believes his life’s purpose is to serve society by creating lasting opportunities for others to realize their own potential.  He believes by giving, he receives more.  In that spirit, Steve cofounded Center61, a collaborative workspace in Austin supporting small nonprofits and social entrepreneurs.

Steve is an eternal optimist and believes every year the Green Bay Packers will win the Super Bowl.

Steve Wanta - Holi Festival

Steve Wanta - Holi Festival